Beth Mason-Jones Supporting Beyond Blue

Over the past two years while living in Melbourne, Beth Mason-Jones, spent more than 260 days in lockdown, unable to see her family.

She’d just started playing football again after 15 months away from it, only to have the season cut short by Covid.

During that time, she admits, her mental health was impacted and she knows she wasn’t alone in having these feelings.

“I’ve had my own struggles with mental health over the pandemic,” Beth said.

“When I was having those struggles, I reached out for help.

“Although it was hard to do at the time, looking back on it now, reaching out for that help has made me a stronger and more resilient person.”

Now, Beth wants to help others.

She’s doing that by raising awareness and funds for the mental health and wellbeing support service Beyond Blue, by setting up her own fundraising page.

“I’m pledging for the upcoming Liberty A-League Women’s season, to donate $10 for each save Canberra United makes each game and a bonus $100 for each clean sheet,” she said.

“I’m not only looking to raise funds but raise awareness and get rid of the stigma behind mental health.”

A donation box will be set up at the merchandise tent at Canberra United homes games, while wristbands and flyers will be available for free, in a bid to further raise awareness.

“I just want to help people who were in my position and hopefully change their life.”