Canberra United join #WeAreOne initiative


Canberra’s major sporting teams and codes have joined forces to provide support for the volunteers and those affected by the current bushfire crisis sweeping their respective community territories in the South Coast, Monaro and Southern Inland NSW.

The #WeAreOne Call to Action follows Canberra’s Nick Kyrgios’ call for support from his own sport of Tennis, with Canberra’s major sporting codes and teams now joining together to raise money and support for the volunteers, families and communities affected by this tragedy.

Canberra United, Canberra Raiders, UC Capitals, Plus500 Brumbies, Canberra Cavalry, ACT Meteors, CBR Brave, Canberra Chill, Basketball ACT, Tennis ACT, Netball ACT and the GIANTS have all united in an unprecedented effort.

All teams and organisations have agreed to unite together in order to provide what support they could, given the devastation of the current bushfire season which is of a scale we have never witnessed before. 

Our wider communities especially those on the NSW South Coast, the Monaro region and Southern Inland NSW are the focus areas of the intended support.

Larger events with all teams uniting together will be scheduled throughout the year to provide support to the regional clubs and their members of all sports who may have lost equipment, club houses and their homes during these past events.

Capital Football CEO Phil Brown said he was pleased to join fellow Canberra sports teams and organisations to support people affected by the devastating bushfires. 

“Over the next two competition rounds, Football Federations Australia, the A-League and W-League clubs will be raising funds to assist families and communities impacted by the bushfires across Australia,” he said. “While Canberra United will not have a home match in those two weeks, fans can show their support by contributing to any of the recognised charity partners that this initiative will be directing the funds to: 

Phil Thomson – CEO, Brumbies Rugby – “Firstly, our thoughts are with those communities who are experiencing the effects of the devastating weather events currently being experienced around the country. The Brumbies are extremely proud to be part of the #WeAreOne initiative and especially to be working in collaboration and unity with the other sporting codes in Canberra to provide support those areas within our region of Southern New South Wales who have lost so much.  Community is the backbone of our organisation and with much of our supporter region directly impacted we want to do all we can to offer support.”

Don Furner – CEO, Canberra Raiders – “The Raiders are proud to be involved in the #WeAreOne initiative and we’re also working with the NRL on a number of ways to support the regions which have been affected by these devastating fires. The Raiders have close links with several regions which have been heavily impacted including the South Coast and Riverina and want to do as much as we can to support these communities which support us.”

Lucille Bailie – General Manager, UC Capitals – “The UC Caps are delighted to be part of the #WeAreOne initiative to provide much-needed strength and support to communities impacted by the NSW bushfires. We’ll be announcing details of our upcoming bushfire support match over the coming days, to enable our fans and sponsors to rally behind such an important initiative.  Sport shows us what we can achieve when we work side by side with our mates and in true Australian spirit, we’ll be standing alongside & together with CBR sports teams, to do whatever is within our means to provide inspiration and practical support for our mates in local communities, to help them get back on their feet.”

Kim Kachel – CEO, Tennis ACT – “Our thoughts are with the communities and families as they battle to combat these fires across Australia.  Tennis kicked off the Aces for Bushfire Relief campaign yesterday at the Apis Canberra International (Bendigo) and saw 143 aces hit on day one of the tournament to total $14,300.  It has been great to see numerous players also jumping on board with donations, with Alex Bolt (SA) and Katie Boulter (GBR) amongst those playing here who are making personal contributions.  The ACT has such a tight-knit sporting community and we are proud to collaborate with sports across Canberra and join the #WeAreOne initiative.   Our hearts go out to the many people, communities, wildlife and animals devastated by this shocking bushfire crisis.

James Allsopp – CEO, Cricket ACT – “Cricket ACT and the ACT Meteors are dedicated to doing all we can to help fellow Aussies during this tragic time in our history. As Canberrans, we are very grateful to have been minimally impacted by these bushfires and we feel it is our duty to give back to those who have lost so much, including our cricket family in the Southern District Zone.  The way Canberra’s sporting organisations have come together to support this cause is incredibly inspiring. We have already seen a number of local cricket communities come together to raise much-needed resources and funds to support emergency services and affected families. We’re proud to be a part of #WeAreOne and know we will achieve great things through this union.”

David Marjoribanks – CEO, Netball ACT – “The bushfire crisis has had a major impact on families, communities, emergency workers and volunteers across our region.  The thoughts and sympathy of the entire Netball family across the ACT are with all those affected.  As part of the #WeAreOne initiative, Netball ACT will be working to ensure the efforts of both the Netball and the broader CBR sports communities, provide the best possible benefits to those affected in terms of both immediate and longer term support.  Many individuals and organisations in the ACT have already made significant contributions to the relief effort and we look forward to adding our support.”

Rob Sheekey – CEO Hockey ACT and Canberra Chill – “It has been an exceptionally difficult period witnessing the devastation that the current bushfire emergency has and continues to cause across Australia. As is always the case though in Australia the toughest of times brings out the best in the Australian people.  Hockey ACT are proud to be involved with the #WeAreOne initiative and will commence our fundraising appeal by offering $10 for every goal that our ACT sides score at the Australian Indoor Hockey National Championships currently taking place in Wollongong. This is following on steps that have been taken by the athletes themselves notably Glenn Turner and Jess Cox who are participating at the event who have committed their own money to support those affected by the current crisis. We hope that these donations along with the others raised across the country can offer assistance to those families affected to begin the rebuilding process.”

David Simpson – CEO, Basketball ACT – “With many of our basketball family affected by the fires over the holiday period, it is important for us to show them the same care and support as they have to our sport.  We are honoured to come together with so many amazing teams, clubs and associations from our region as part of #WeAreOne, to raise funds for those impacted by the bushfires, and are well underway in planning how we can collaborate and coordinate our efforts, and contribute to this amazing initiative.”

Dan Amodio – Director, CBR Brave and Canberra Cavalry – “On behalf of the Canberra Cavalry and CBR Brave, I’m proud to show our support for the #WeAreOne initiative. It’s important for CBR’s sporting organisations to rally together and do whatever we can to support the communities and volunteers that have been impacted by the bushfires.  We have already begun our fundraising efforts by partnering with to make some unique items and experiences available for auction with all of the proceeds going to support the brave men and women at the NSW Rural Fire Service. We’ll be continuing these auctions throughout the first half of the year, leading up to the start of the AIHL season in April.

David Matthews – Chief Executive, GIANTS – “The scale and magnitude of the events of recent weeks is unparalleled and the GIANTS are committed to providing assistance to the many communities affected by these tragedies.  As is the case across so much of the country, sport is the lifeblood of a number of the small communities that have been hardest hit and we want to ensure we stand alongside them throughout this harrowing period.  The #WeAreOne campaign will see the GIANTS come together with a number of clubs representing the ACT to use sport as a vehicle to help those in need. We are also working through a range of initiatives to provide support for those impacted by the New South Wales bushfires, with plans finalised in the coming days.  Larger events with all teams uniting together will be scheduled throughout the year to provide support to the regional clubs and their members of all sports who may have lost equipment, club houses and their homes during these past.”