With Canberra United’s last game for the 2021-22 season completed in Brisbane on Thursday 10 March, the Club has announced it will immediately launch a comprehensive season review.

And Club Members will have the opportunity to make submissions as part of the process.

“All professional Clubs undertake season reviews”, Capital Football and Canberra United CEO, Chris Gardiner, stated as the review was announced.

“Canberra United’s review this season will be comprehensive and seek member input.

“The review will, of course, start with the coach’s input as a key report. It will also, however, cover team, player and coach performance; the support framework the Club provided for the team and coaching staff; Player perspectives; Player retention and recruitment; and Member feedback on their Club and match day experience and their views on strengthening the Club.

“We have contacted Professional Footballers Australia and will want to incorporate their season survey information into the review as soon as it is available.”

Mr. Gardiner said that Canberra United would be very active in its player retention and recruitment strategy and that the aim of the review and that strategy was to have the team in the finals in the 2022-23 season supported by a local supporter base larger than any other women’s team in the Liberty A League.