Canberra United are continuing to work diligently to sign players and key coaching staff ahead of the 2024/2025 Liberty A-League season.

Capital Football opened their Expression of Interest for the position of Canberra United Head Coach for Season 17 of the Liberty A-League, 2024/2025 on Wednesday.

Current Head Coach, Njegosh Popovich, is nearing the end of his contract, and to ensure a clear and transparent procedure, the Club has decided to undertake an Expression of Interest process to make sure that we have the best people involved.

Njegosh has been encouraged to submit his Expression of Interest and has been fast tracked to the Interview stage of the process.

The successful applicant will be offered a contract through to 30 May 2025. The starting date will be negotiated with the successful applicant.

“Stakeholders can be rest assured that every decision is being made with the best interests of the Club in mind,” Canberra United CEO, Samantha Farrow, said. “I have been in contact with each and every Canberra United player to provide updates on the Club and their personal situation.”

Player negotiations are underway to lock in a core group of players for the new season, whilst leaving space in the roster for the Head Coach to have their input into the team.

Information regarding signings will be released when these discussions have concluded.