Canberra United’s 1st Semester Report Card

Head coach Robbie Hooker put his side under the microscope after the first half of the Westfield W-League season.

After five rounds of the Westfield W-League, head coach, Robbie Hooker put his Canberra United side under the microscope to analyse the first half of the season. While scoring has been difficult to come by with only four goal, there’s been little difficulty in keeping the ball out of the back of our own net with three clean sheets.

Comments: We-ve only had to use the one so far. Lydia-s saved us on a few occasions however that-s what she-s there for, that-s what she trains for, so at this stage she-s done her job how we expect her to.

Grade: A

Comments: Being the backbone of the team, we-ve only conceded four goals in the first five games which is good and two of those goals came from rare mistakes which you won-t see again this year. Three clean sheets says good things about the defensive structure however we-ve probably lacked a little bit of composure at times so there-s certainly some room for improvement.

Grade: B+

Comments: Midfield is a strange one because defensively they-ve been the key to a lot of our defensive structure along with the back four, however, when we-re in transition after having won the ball we tend to turn the ball over to quickly rather than try to keep possession. A little bit more composure when we get the ball would be good and a little bit more structured play would be a little bit better as well.

Grade: B

Comments: This one-s a double edged sword , because in terms of chance we-ve had by our forward players have been numerous and a lot of those chances have been created individually or with one other player. To do that requires a lot of hard work and skill however on the other side the number of chances we have created but haven-t scored from is a concern.

Grade: C+

Comments: We-ve still got a lot of room for improvement but I don-t think we-ve been outplayed by any team this year which is a really positive sign. We just need to make sure we get our selves into the finals and from there I think we-ve got the players and the game to maybe even go on and make the final

Grade: B