The following statement can be attributed to Capital Football Chief Executive Officer, Samantha Farrow.  

Capital Football want Canberra United to continue playing in the Liberty A-League in season 2024/2025 and beyond.   

Capital Football is the only member federation that runs its own A-League side and has successfully done this for 16 seasons, however the rising cost of running an A-League side has had a significant impact on our bottom line.  

Capital Football has invested over $2.5 million in Canberra United across the past two seasons, as well as doubling the Club’s annual budget since 2020/2021. Questioning Capital Football and its Board’s commitment to women’s football is simply unfair and unwarranted.  

The Canberra United season now comprises 22 games, as opposed to 12 games in 2020/2021, and 14 games in 2021/2022. This has considerably raised the cost of running a full-time professional side and has put significant pressure on our financial standing as evidenced by the reported deficit in 2022, with another deficit anticipated for 2023.   

Capital Football has over 15,000 participants, across all areas of our game. Continuing to run at a loss will affect each individual and the ongoing viability of our competitions making additional sources of revenue vital to our success.   

The fact is the men’s A-League bid is a key factor in a sustainable elite level presence in the region. We are aware developments are at a critical stage and conscious that players, coaches, and supporters want clarity, as do we. I can assure all involved, our intention is to see Canberra United on the pitch for Season 17, subject to improved investment.   

Capital Football continues to explore all avenues to ensure that Canberra United take the field for Season 17, seeking new sources of investment having exhausted traditional revenue and funding streams. We are working alongside the Canberra A-League bid, the APL, and the ACT Government to explore additional opportunities.    

ACT Government have offered a 50% advance payment of our existing funding agreement to assist with the upfront running costs of Canberra United.  

Contrary to reports, last night the Capital Football Board met as part of their regular meeting schedule, not an emergency meeting about the future of Canberra United. Discussions around Canberra United are a regular agenda item at Board meetings.   

We appreciate the passion of the Canberra United community and our loyal fanbase. We all want a successful and elite club representing our region and giving our players something to aspire to, but that support needs to be replicated financially to sustain and grow our presence on a national stage.   

Should you wish to discuss investment in the future of Canberra United please email   

Capital Football will be making no further comment on this statement.