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Australia is known the world over as a sports mad nation. Our passion for sport often starts in Australian schoolyards. The Canberra United Football Fever educational resource is designed to convert the passion for sport in the schoolyard into a passion for learning in the classroom.

The resource provides teachers and students with an exciting opportunity to uniquely meet educational outcomes on the back of the largest participation sport in this country – football.

The Canberra United Football Fever educational resource is designed to meet the requirements of 21st century teaching and learning. 

It is an educational resource that consists of eight units of work – four units at Years 3 and 4 and four units at Years 5 and 6.

Each unit is integrated with a specific focus on one domain. The domains addressed in this resource are English, Mathematics, Art and Health and Physical Education. 


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Maths 3-4                Maths 5-6


English 3-4               English 5-6


HPE 3-4             HPE 5-6


Art 3-4              Art 5-6