The Blue Ribbon Cup – Melbourne City v Canberra United

Melbourne City & Canberra United will play for the Blue Ribbon Cup on Saturday in their second meeting of the 2016/17 Westfield W-League season.

The Blue Ribbon Cup is held in partnership with the Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Foundation, which perpetuates the memory of members of the Victorian Police Force killed in the line of duty, by supporting worthwhile community projects within the State.

This will be the first edition of the W-League Blue Ribbon Cup, with the player of the match to be awarded the Ann Brimblecombe Memorial Medal.

Senior Constable Ann Brimblecombe passed away on duty in 2006 when her vehicle ran off the road while travelling from Wangaratta to Mitta Mitta.

Senior Constable Brimblecombe was a serving member of the Victorian Police Force for over 26 years, and was promoted to Senior Constable in 1985 after six years in the force.

Canberra United Head Coach Rae Dower, a former member of the Queensland Police Force for over 20 years, said that the occasion adds something of a personal feel to the matchday.

“It’s a lovely initiative from Melbourne City, the Blue Ribbon Cup, played for between the two teams,” she said.

“And with nearly 21 years in the Police service I’ve lost a lot of friends on the job, unfortunately, but also with some illnesses; a lot of emergency services personnel commit suicide after they retire, or whilst they’re still on the job.”

“So it certainly will be a more personal touch, and probably gives us a little more incentive to go on and win that as well.”

More information on the Blue Ribbon Foundation can be found at, including information on the projects managed by the organisation, and an honour roll of those who have served.