Canberra United extends thoughts & sympathy to flood impacted communities

Canberra United expresses its sympathy for all communities affected by storms and floods over the last several days, and our admiration for all the frontline emergency workers and volunteers who are saving people, protecting property and working to restore community.

On behalf of Canberra United, Queensland locals Keeley Richards and Allira Toby have extended their thoughts to those impacted.

“Our hearts go out to everyone impacted by the floods that have hit the east coast over the last week, to all the families that have lost loved ones and homes, and the businesses and livelihoods that have been destroyed.

 “Local football clubs have had their pitches and clubhouses destroyed and the damage has been felt throughout the communities.

“We know the clean-up will be ongoing throughout the coming months; and we commend the comradery and community spirit on show, as families and towns work together to rebuild.”

Canberra United wishes all sporting clubs affected, strength to restore their fields and clubhouses to help renew the resilience of their communities.