Canberra United are delighted to announce that Claudia Dyball has won the amazing season attendance prize of a trip to the UK to watch Chelsea play Arsenal in the Women’s Super League.

Claudia, from Cook, ACT, attended every home match of the 2022/2023 Canberra United Liberty A-League season at McKellar Park and Seiffert Oval to be eligible for the prize draw and was stunned when her name was selected as the winner of the incredible prize.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited as I was being told I have won the member prize,” Claudia revealed of the moment she was alerted of her success. “It tops the $2 scratch card winnings that was my previous best prize!

“I am so grateful to Canberra United for making such an amazing, once in a lifetime, prize available to the supporters this season. I love getting behind the team for every game anyway, but this was just the cherry on top incentive to make sure we turned out. It pays to be a fan! Thank you Canberra United!”

Claudia is a long-time Canberra United fan, following in the footsteps of other family members and signing up for membership as soon as she was able to do so, bringing her support to the team in green close to the action.

“It was my Aunty Sarah who first told me about Canberra United,” Claudia said. “She had been going to games since the team first formed. As soon as I learned there was a Canberra team I have been attending as many games as I can. I have been a member since 2018.

“I am drawn to Canberra United because I love the game and I am a diehard Canberran (no shame), so Canberra United is the perfect Combo.

“Given the prize, it probably is obvious that I watch all the home games pitch side. I attend with my partner Jo, my Dad, and my Aunty. I watch the away games on Paramount+ from home. Sometimes, I talk the bar staff at my local into putting it on the big screen just to spice it up.”

Having been witness to many memorable Canberra United moments, and players, through her years of supporting the team, it is somewhat of a tricky question for Claudia to narrow down her best moments as a fan of the team from the National Capital. But, as for any supporter, the winning stands out more than others.

“I don’t think I have just one best memory,” she said. “I think I can look back at all the seasons of going to games and cherish them all for the time spent with family watching a sport we love. Wins and loses, it is all fun…but I prefer the memories of winning. 

I am going with Grace Maher as my favourite current player. She is a phenomenal player, calm and controlled on the ball. This season the last few games she did such an excellent job firming up defence, but I love watching her command the midfield. Plus, she scores some absolute blinders! And lastly, I am a Majura FC player and got to show the love to an alumnus.”

There is plenty to look forward to of a trip to the United Kingdom, but it is the main event that obviously catches the eye for Claudia who cannot wait to experience everything that a visit to London will bring.

“Chelsea and Arsenal, two absolute powerhouse teams, are going to be amazing to watch go head-to-head,” she admitted. “I support Chelsea in the Super League, and I am particularly excited to see Sam Kerr and Erin Cuthbert play.

“Aside from the game I am most excited for the opportunity it provides my partner to see her family. My partner is from Scotland and has not seen her Mum since before Covid. Her Mum is going to meet us in London, which will be special.”