A message to the Canberra United Family from Sponsors, Gift of Life.

Greetings from Gift of Life, your Community Partners and shorts sponsors. We promote awareness of organ and tissue donation across Australia, and encourage people to register to be donors and discuss it with their families.

We know that football wouldn’t exist without volunteers. At Gift of Life we are also volunteers. We are people whose lives have personally been touched by organ and tissue donation and transplantation. As your Community Partners we will be looking to create some photo ops with you and will also be seeking ambassadors who would like to work with us in other ways, such as at our Annual Community Walk.

About organ and tissue donation

There are around 1,800 Australians currently on the waiting list to receive a lifesaving heart, lung, kidney or other organ or tissue transplant. Sadly, not all of those people will survive the wait.

That’s why we need to encourage all Australians to register to become an organ and tissue donor. 

We know that most people in Australia support the idea of organ donation and would like the opportunity after they pass away to save and transform the life of another person. It’s easy! Everyone can register to become a donor through the DonateLife website – all they need is their Medicare number. Best of all, it only takes a minute to register! –  find out more and register here.

Why Canberra United?

We are CBR Utd supporters!   Only 27% of ACT adults are registered as donors which is below the national average so we need to raise awareness in Canberra. Also, we’ve seen how many young people this game attracts, and we really need to reach people aged 16-24 because less than 10% of them are registered as organ donors.

We are so excited to work with all of the CBR United family, and we will #CUinGreen next matchday!

Best wishes for the season from

Scott, Aaron & Cath and the Gift of Life volunteers

#giftoflife #donatelife #Acthealth #takethenextstep