Q&A with a Canberra United Member


It’s true, no Westfield W-League club could exist without the support of their dedicated and passionate members. With Canberra United memberships going on sale to the public tomorrow, we thought it would be the perfect time to catch up with one of our own loyal members, Steffen Moebus, to find out what it’s like to be part of the Canberra United family.

CU: When did you decide to become a member?

Steffen: I’ve been going along to games for quite a few years but I only became a member about three to four years ago. I often go with my son and we’ve really enjoyed the last few years.

CU: Why did you decide to join the Canberra United family?

Steffen: I was going to most games anyway and it seemed silly to be buying a ticket each week, so after talking to other members, I realised I should have got a membership from the word go and I should have done it years ago.

CU: What’s your favourite thing about being a member?

Steffen: I enjoy the access that you have. For instance, I really enjoyed the open training session last year and listening to Heather [Garriock] and Ash [Sykes] speak was really powerful. I remember Ash saying, “This is a new team, give them a chance like you gave me a chance,” and that was something that really resonated with me. There’s also the guaranteed seats and the merchandise discounts that come with being a member, so there really are a lot of benefits.

CU: The atmosphere at home games is something that’s well known around the league, just how good is the game day experience at McKellar Park?

Steffen: It’s huge, there’s nowhere else like it. Once you go to away games and some of the bigger venues, you realise that McKellar Park is the perfect size and it’s got a really good feel about – there’s no other venue like it in the W-League.

CU: Do you have a favourite moment or memory from your time supporting Canberra United? 

Steffen: It’s not so much an individual moment per se, but when I first became a member, I really enjoyed watching the midfield pairing of Yukari Kinga and Grace Maher in the 2016/17 season. As someone that loves the technical side of football, I just loved watching them play together in central midfield. Seeing a young Australian player and an experienced international player work together like that was really impressive.

CU: Would you recommend becoming a member to other people?

Steffen: Absolutely, if you’re going to most of the games anyway, it just makes sense to get the membership. It helps you connect more with the club, you’re down near the areas where the players arrive and come after the game and it’s just a great way to feel part of the action.